9 Things I’d Love to See in Amazon’s Black Friday Sale

Amazon’s Black Friday Sale.  An event that has almost become an institution in itself.  American in nature, Black Friday is reported to be the day when the businesses finally make a profit, coming into the black, having run at a loss all year. While it signifies consumerism at its very worst, most of us can’t resist a sneaky bargain purchase here and there.

It is essential not to get caught up in the sales hype, as most items don’t have as steep a discount as shown given Amazon’s regular retail price, which is often way below RRP.  Also, most things in the sale are merely overstock, being sold off cheaply to those who are desperate for a bargain.

Always remember when shopping the sales, that somethings only a bargain if you wanted it anyway.  Too often have we all ended up with a neon blue tea cosy when we don’t even own a teapot because it was 30p in Tesco’s.

So with all that being said, here are nine items that I would LOVE to see on Amazon’s Black Friday Deals (even though we all know, they probably won’t!).  Please note that most links featured are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase anything after clicking them, I get a small share.  It will never cost you any extra but does help me out a great deal.

1. Amazon Kindle Unlimited 



One of Amazon’s trademark products, Kindle Unlimited is sort of like a library subscription.  For £7.99 per month, you have access to a lot of ebooks, magazines and audiobooks.  Since I would love to get back into reading, Kindle Unlimited would be an excellent purchase for me.  And, since I can read them anywhere, I don’t have to lug books around or worry about storing them. Hurrah for Digital.  Click Here for a 30 Day Free Trial.


2. Moleskine Smart Note Pad & Smart Pen Writing Set



This piece of kit, straight out of Harry Potter is the very top of my Santa list this year.  To quote the listing: “Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set combines the freedom of using ink and paper with the advantages of digital editing and sharing. Using Ncoded technology the Moleskine Pen+ easily transfers your notes from the Paper Tablet to your smart device, offering a fast and convenient way to write your notes”.  

Basically, it’s magic.  You write or draw in your book, and it copies it automatically onto your phone/tablet.  For someone who loves to Bullet Journal, but can sometimes feel like it takes a little too much time when I need some information digitally, this could be a game changer for me.


3. Amazon Music Unlimited



Like Netflix for your ears, Amazon Music Unlimited is a streaming and download service for your music.  Music Unlimited currently boasts 40 million tracks at your fingertips. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you can access a more limited version of the service for free as part of your membership.  There is currently a deal for three months for 0.99p, or you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.  Audible Audiobooks deserves an honourable mention here too, as if audiobooks are more your thing, you can choose one audiobook per month for your subscription price of £7.99.



4. Xbox One X 1TB Console



Given its recent release and popularity, I sincerely doubt that this is going to feature.  However, being a member of a household of gamers, this is one we’d love to see.  The 4k capabilities and the boost in power make the Xbox One X a must have for any serious gamer.


5. Thomas Wooden Railway


Well, this one’s a bit different, huh? Actually, no.  Beans loves his wooden trains, and his Thomas obsession lends itself nicely.  But boy, are they expensive.   While I’d like to create a wood Sodor for him, the majority of his train set is “compatible” rather than branded. But if I saw some of the branded bits on sale, I’d snap them up in a hurry.  Our top three must haves would be the Tidmouth Sheds, currently retailing £58.99, Cranky the Crane, available for £31.05, and the Battery Operated Thomas, available for £19.02.

6. Faber-Castell 120 Polychromos Artist Colour Pencils in Wenge-Stained Wooden Case



If you’re into your adult colouring, then you’ve no doubt heard of Polychromo’s.  The holy grail of the pencil, these come with a lovely price tag of £221 at time of writing.  But hey, this is a bargain from the RRP of £440!  Let’s face it, these will never be on sale low enough for me to justify the expense, but a girl can dream!


7.  Sphero Disney Pixar’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen



This little bad boy is second on my Santa List.  Gadget, collectable and Disney this is so, so me.  If you haven’t seen this amazing piece of technology in action, I sincerely recommend that you check him out.  He reacts to touch, he’s controlled by your phone, his eyes and mouth move, he has “emotive suspension”, and his headlights light up.  That doesn’t sound as cool as it is.. go check it out!


8.  Calendar Desktop Deluxe 2018 Disney Adult



I LOVE THIS CALENDAR.  I want this so bad, as it will look amazing on my desk.  But it won’t because, for £28.00, it’ll never be a desk feature. I’d love to see this baby on the Black Friday deals, so I can see about sneaking it into my stocking.


9.  R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero



I’d like this to feature for my husband.  Only slightly for me.  We own the Sphero BB8, which we love, and since Santa is going to bring me the Lightning McQueen (wink, wink), then we’d love to own R2-D2.  I asked him what he would want to see on Black Friday deals and he said this, without knowing I’d already added it to my list.  Sadly, I know he won’t feature due to his popularity and Limited Edition status, but this is a dream list.


So, there we have it.  My fantasy Black Friday deals.  I wonder how many of my items I will ever own?


What would you like to see on the Black Friday deals? Do you often purchase from Amazon? Let me know in the comments below!

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