Dear Eddie Hall, Strongman

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This post contains spoilers for the Worlds Strongest Man 2017. If you don’t know the results, and don’t want to know, don’t read on!

Dear Eddie,

I don’t expect you will ever read this, but I hope you do.  I really want to say thank you. This may seem to drag on a little, and you may wonder why I’m writing this, but please bear with me.

Not many people will know your name, despite you holding an incredible world record and numerous titles since your fame is not mainstream, but it is held in high regard in my house.

See, one thing that not many people know about me, is I am a big fan of strongman sports. I always have been since before I can remember.  My dad always watched them, so I have him to thank for that.  But it’s not the holidays in our house unless we’re watching the regional qualifiers leading up to The Worlds Strongest Man.  And it’s certainly not the New Year until we’ve watched the final on New Years Day.

A photo of my Dad and my son, Robin aged 7 months old. Robin is wearing a grey three piece suit and is sat on my dad's knee.

My dad’s a difficult one to buy presents for.  He enjoys very simple things in life, his favourite gift of years past being a silly little wind-up hippo that you put in the bath and its tail spins like a propeller, whizzing it around the water.  A long-distance, class-one truck driver for my whole life he’s only home at weekends and has no real desire for possessions. Time and physical restrictions have also limited me being able to buy experiences for him.  He’d always tell me not to waste my money and that he didn’t want anything, but I needed to show my appreciation for him as best I could. I adopted two donkeys for him for his birthday which he was delighted with.  He is quite reserved, and as such he rarely shows excitement towards things, so it was great to see his reaction to those!

It wasn’t until two years ago that I had a brainwave though.  As we sat watching Britains Strongest Man taking place in Leeds, we commented as usual on the poor turnout of the crowd.  It was only as I was talking that it occurred to me that we should look into tickets for ourselves. I don’t know why it had never occurred to me before. I booked three tickets to see the Europes Strongest Man at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, exactly one year ago today. My dad was chuffed to bits with the tickets.

When we arrived in Leeds, it was clear to see that there had been a definite spike in the popularity of the strongman genre. No doubt this was helped immensely by Hafthor Bjornnson’s role on Game of Thrones. I think me and dad were the only people I know of, that knew who Thor was previously! Even from where was sat “up in the God’s” as my parents say, it’s easy to see how imposing he is, even by Strongman standards.

I must tell the truth when I say that we hadn’t been looking forward to the World Deadlift Championships preceding the “Main Event”. I mean, how exciting can watching the same event over and over be, right? Even though it put you out of the running for Europe’s Strongest Man, you sure showed us.

After watching your disallowed attempt at 461kg back in 2014, we were so disappointed for you.  When it was announced that you were aiming to not only beat your own record but up it to 500kg, it seems so excitingly impossible.  Before you even lifted that bar, the atmosphere was electric. I attempted to film it on my phone, but I was so excited I clearly wasn’t looking as the camera drifts a lot! When you succeeded, it was incredible.  How any of us managed to sit still long enough to watch the rest of Europe’s Strongest Man I do not know!

While we certainly enjoyed the main event, you definitely overshadowed it.  All the way home and for the next few days, that was all that we could talk about.  While down the road at work, dad was telling everyone who would listen all about you breaking that record and that we were there to see it.  It sparked round two of excitement watching it on TV later in the year before we all sat down to watch your documentary “Eddie: Strongman”. This Christmas was even “stronger” than usual!

I had intended on buying tickets again, for 2017.  This time I decided I wanted to buy the super-duper tickets so we could meet with you and all the other athletes.  Sadly, my husband got ill, and I missed buying the tickets until it was too late.  Oh well, there’s always this year.

Fast forward a little, to May this year.  I was casually browsing Facebook, to see you crowned Worlds Strongest Man 2017! I was so elated for you, I couldn’t wait to tell dad. And then I remembered.  I couldn’t.  See, my dad passed away, really suddenly back in February, due to a rogue gallstone blocking his bile duct.  He was taken from me so quickly that I often forget he’s not here anymore.  That moment, it hit me so very hard.   That hard in fact, that I started to write this letter.  And it’s taken me until September to finish it, but it’s time.

People laughed when I said I was going to win Britains Strongest Man…. Even more people laughed when I said I was going to smash the WR in deadlift and pull 500kg….. But I got the biggest eruption when I said I was going to win THE WORLDS STRONGEST MAN…. You want to know what kept me going and stopped me from giving up…… The naysayers! Not the haters, everyone has haters. I chose to delete haters from my life. The naysayers needed proving wrong. Be whatever you want to be, don’t let anyone tell you’ you can’t do something. Go out and fucking do it, be a champion! Big Love❤️ The Beast😈 Worlds Strongest Man 🏆 @proteindynamix @xploape @strengthasylum @alphadesignsuk @bobosbeard @blakemans @wrightspies @pulseworldwide @getnewage @sbdapparel @giantslive #alphadesign #wrightspies #strengthasylum #giants #giantslive #proteindynamix #bobosbeardoil #beast #beard #deadlift #deadlifts #boss #bosslife #hulk #strong #strongman #strongmantraining #pulse #getnewage #performance #mouthguard #SBD #supports #SBDapparel

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As I said in my opening paragraph, I don’t really expect you to read this.  If you do, then congratulations! Not only for your deadlift and WSM title but for making it all the way through this rambling!

I have just checked, and there is a couple of super-duper tickets left.  Who knows, maybe I’ll find the money in time to come see you in Sheffield.  It is pretty unlikely for this year, but I will be there one day.  I’ll sit near the front and see all you guys in action, and get to talk to you all in person.  But it’ll be you who I hope to speak to the most.

I’ll no doubt be very shy, and starstruck, but I’ll tell you all about my dad. And that time when we came to see you break the world record and what it meant to my dad to see it in person.  And what it meant to me, as his daughter to watch my dad’s eyes filled with such excitement every time he spoke of it. Even before he died, it was you who gave me a great gift that Christmas in making it so memorable.  Now that he’s gone, I can’t thank you enough for giving that to me.  Those memories are some of the happiest I have, and they’ll never have the opportunity to be beaten.

Even though your fan base has grown exponentially since your record breaking lift, you and the other strongmen honestly don’t get the recognition you deserve.  And although you don’t really care about one thirty-year old woman, tearily blogging from her laptop in her bedroom, I just want you to know how amazing I think you are.

This Christmas will be bittersweet watching it without my dad beside me. But my almost 20-month-old son will be there, where he’ll be every Christmas.  Where I’ll tell him all about this time that I went to the Leed’s Arena with his Grandad and watched The Beast break a world record.


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37 thoughts on “Dear Eddie Hall, Strongman

  1. Emmy I struggled to read until the end of this letter, I couldn’t see the words due to my eyes being filled with tears.

    As a child, me my mum and my sister would also watch worlds strongest man. We were big fans and love Eddie too!

    I’m so glad you got to have that amazing experience with you me dad and i can’t wait to read your next post about being a VIP!

    1. Aww, thank you lovely. It was such a difficult post to write, and I think if I hadn’t hit publish I would have edited it forever.

      Its great to hear about some other strongman fans too! There isn’t that many of us that I know of!

      Haha, yeah.. Thinking if there is anything I can sell quickly to get the money for the tickets for January! He he! Xx

  2. What a beautifully written post. I’m so sorry about your dad but so glad for you that you have such lovely memories with him. Truly from the heart to touch a heart. X

  3. It is funny how no one talks about watching WSM – we watch it too! It’s a lovely memory of our dad & you can think of him whenever you watch it. Beautiful post x

  4. Oh what a lovely letter and you have some fantastic memories. I hope that you get to be that VIP very soon . Keep sharing those wonderful memories. x

  5. Oh bless you, I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how it must be to want to tell yoru Dad something and then he isn’t there. My Dad loves strongman sports too, much of my childhood was spent watching these kind of events on TV. Mich x

  6. My husband is wondering why I am crying at my phone. Beautiful letter that’s really touched me. I’m so sorry for your loss, but I am glad you got to share that moment with your dad. I hope you make the super duper tickets one day as well xx

  7. I started reading this wondering where it would lead and am now sat here with tears streaming down my cheeks as I type.
    I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope that you do get to see Eddie Hall again very soon.
    As a side note we also love watching strongman competitions and saw our first live one earlier this year in Matlock.

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