The first step on the journey to change!

Sorry I haven’t been around very often recently.  My life has been pretty hectic and it required me to focus on a few things that needed doing in order to actually start the balls rolling in their various directions.  Now that they are underway, I can begin to focus on my blog again, and all you lovely people.


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I have started changes in all aspects of my life, some more successfully than others.  Now though, begins the hardest portion.  The one that get’s yo-yo’d, and most people can sympathise with on one level or another.  HEALTH AND FITNESS.

Ugh, I shudder just writing that!

It is needed though, and it is a journey that’s not going to be an easy path.  Therefore, I’m going to use this as a bit of an introduction post, so that you know who we are and what our starting points are!  This way, it’s a journey that is not only documented, but may gather some guests along that way.

A family selfie, in front of a tree by a river. Myke is holding beans, I am stood next to them holding Nickie.

So here we are, that’s me on the far right – I’m Emmy (although I go by the name of Mama most of the time), 31, currently weighing in at 16st 4.25lbs.  There’s no point hiding it, it is what it is.  I am disgusted by myself as I write that, but I am the one who has let myself get here and I need to own that.  I am also the only one who can get myself back out of it.  I’m currently wearing a size 18-20.  I’m aiming for somewhere around a 10-12.  I suffer from depression and anxiety, and currently take medication for this.  Hopefully, I can make enough changes in my lifestyle to eventually not need these.  Losing weight has been an ongoing battle for me since my late teens.  Having spent my younger years extremely thin, I’m not used to being so overweight.  Even though I’ve been fat for longer than that now.  The biggest change for me was giving up dancing. (You can see one of my previous attempts at ditching the excess here: Operation Belle Bell)

On the far left, is my husband of 6 years, Myke.  33, currently weighing in at 17st 6lb.  Myke’s weight has fluctuated heavily in recent years due to health problems.  As such my has limited mobility and control over things right now, and as such will not be taking part properly for some time.  I hope to go into his journey a little bit in the future but there is a legal case on going at the moment so I cannot say too much yet.

In Myke’s arms is our son Beanie.  He’s 2.5 and a complete terror.  He’s deeply affectionate and clever, but by golly, can he be hard work!  I know that’s a toddler thing, but after the absolute delight that he was as a baby, I feel like I’ve been well and truly thrown in at the deep end.  Oh, and I can’t swim! Beanie is most definitely not fat, he’s tall, strong and lean.  His big problem is that he won’t eat.  Back in the weaning days he would eat absolutely anything, and then became a hugely fussy eater who often eats in a day what normal toddlers will eat in a meal.  I’m hoping to change this and therefore, all advice welcome.

A picture on a path by a river, Beans is stood looking to the left of the camera, I am knelt beside him with Nickie on my knee.

In my arm’s is Nickie Fury The One Eyed Pug.  Often referred to as NooNoo, Nickie came into our lives 6 years ago. She was born with one eye smaller than the other, so although it is still there, she cannot open it so for all intents and purposes, she’s a cycloptic pug.  Noo also had an emergency hysterectomy 2 years ago.  She was already on the chunky side as pugs are, but we was told by the vet on our latest visit yesterday that she has put even more weight on, leaving her in the category of 8 out of 9, 9 being morbidly obese.  Pugs have enough health problems without the added weight which is so typical of their breed so we are going to change.  Nick is now in heart problem territory, and I can’t let that happen to her.

Noo is now on a strict diet as prescribed by the vet, but really needs more exercise. So as of now, or yesterday as the case may be we are upping the exercise.

Nickie, as a pug, cannot do a big long walk, and to be truthful as a fat pug can barely do a short one.  So we are going to get walking every day, building up in both length of walk and frequency (twice a day etc).  Beans is a very active little boy, so he will love the extra calorie burn, and that may help him burn some energy constructively. I need all the calorie burn I can take as I am pretty unfit myself, and building myself up and into good habits can only be a good thing.  Sadly, at least for now, Myke won’t be often joining us, but this will be great for him building his stamina up again when he able.

So this is us, committing to change.  A change of lifestyle to save our lives.  This will be a gradual journey and I’m not about to start eating only salads and running marathons, but just making small changes often enough to build up to becoming big changes is the goal.

Noo’s next weigh in is the 3rd July, so we shall also weigh in the same day.

Here we are, the fat family, Over and Out!

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