Levelling Up

I’ve always been the sort of person that is not content to just exist, and will continually strive to be better. There’s a lot of drive in me, and a huge passion for life. I also care deeply about those around me, both visible and not.

It’s important that I tell you this because I seem to have lost my way a little. In recent years I’ve been feeling a bit lost and after a few long months of soul searching I’m beginning to find my way back. There have been some things getting me down recently, and a few of which I feel attribute to the good old classic “vicious circle”.

Despite having a blog which I write about my family in, oddly, we are very private people. I’m always honest. If somebody asked a personal question, I would answer it without shame, but we are not the sort to air out our laundry, dirty or otherwise. My attitude and character lead a lot of people to assume a lot about me – often wrongly, and when people think they know you better than they do, it can cause a lot of unintentionally hurt feelings.

Dirty Laundry

However, I have a plan moving forward. And this project requires transparency, more than I would usually be comfortable with. Since I don’t offer up much information often, it’s important to understand how unusual this is. Also, I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I wanted judgement or sympathy from my writings, quite the opposite. I am going to use this blog to document a journey.

A journey in which I intend to learn as I go, and hopefully be able to help out others who may be able to identify with me along the way. I will be no expert, but I will be enthusiastic, and that’s often more than enough.

Funnily enough, I came across a blog the other day that summed up this journey well. Life Renovation. Making over my whole life, tiny steps at a time.

Just after Christmas, I read Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning. It’s a book who’s legacy can be seen in Bullet Journals internationally in the Level 10 Life spreads. The book itself didn’t do much for me, in truth. But the level 10 life is something that triggered the events that have led up to this post today.

Level 10 Life Wheel

The general concept is that you score your satisfaction in 10 areas of your life with a mark out of 10. Everybody deserves “Level 10 Sucess” which is 10 out of 10 in all 10 areas. You then create goals to help improve those scores, making working towards them, much more manageable. A score of 10 would be different for everybody; although it’s an excellent starting point. It addresses all aspects of life from relationships and money to health and spirituality. Some categories feel more applicable than others, but it’s an excellent starting point.

By taking the time to honestly look at your life in manageable segments its easier to see what you want from life, and how to get it. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head that they are a little overwhelming. And these need to be written down as quantifiable goals. I would have done it already, but I needed to get this post typed up, as an official starting point. The first day of the rest of my life.

Each little change I make will take me one step closer to that Level 10 Life. To being the person that I want to be, and living the life that I want to lead.

What area of your life would you like to improve the most?

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6 thoughts on “Levelling Up

  1. This is really interesting, I haven’t heard of this concept before. Hmm, at the moment I don’t think I score high on any aspects, let alone 10 in 10. Haha, at least now I have something to work towards – thanks for this post, it really inspired me!

    1. No, I don’t score high either! But it’s a really good way of breaking down life into manageable pieces in order to improve. It’s hard to come up with goals for them all though. Thanks for visiting!

  2. This is such a great idea! There’s quite a few areas I would like to improve – career/business is important for me as I would like to be able to give up work and work for myself. I’d also like to work on family and friends and health/fitness. I’m definitely going to have a go at writing down specific goals for each of these areas. Thank you for sharing xx

  3. I love this idea and am great filling it out and making a plan. It’s sticking to the plan that I struggle with lol

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