Me and Mine Project 2017 – June

June 2017

A nice evening walk at Lowther Gardens in Lytham.

Well, my intention of pre-writing this post throughout June didn’t go according to plan, but then, life does have a way of doing that!

It’s been a funny old month.  June always is, as all three of my beautiful best friends have their birthdays in June. This year, they all caught up to me at the age of 30.  Such celebrations meant a few parties and meals to attend.

It also saw the return of Myke to full-time hours at work, two visits to the hospital (both planned) and one car accident on the way home from the first visit. Thankfully it was only Myke and me in the car, and we were both fine, as was the little old gentleman that rear-ended us.  Myke suffered a bit of pain over his scar, and the impact triggered my eardrums to act like they did when I got home from Orlando back in 2014, but I’m now over the worst I think.

A trip to Stanley Park in Blackpool, where we met Thomas the Tank Engine!

We also had a heat wave, which was pretty cool (no pun intended) although I must admit I was relieved when the weather broke. Maybe somewhere in-between would have sufficed though as were now subjected to wet and cold!

We tried to make the most of the beautiful weather with trips out when Myke finished work, but honestly, it was too hot most days to do anything. We mostly went to the park, or down the river, and we had an afternoon at the SPACE Centre, a sensory centre usually reserved for children with special needs. Occasionally, Robins sign language class book the centre which opens it up to children who do not ordinarily qualify to use the facilities. We always love trips to SPACE, and we have another booked for this month.

In the ball pool in SPACE Centre.

We also had a mini weekend break housesitting at Robin’s Nanna’s house.  It was nice to have a large garden to play in, and we even managed a barbeque with a couple of friends.  Oh, and I dyed my hair back to natural colour!

Once again, my baby has started to grow into a little boy.  He loves to tell you what noise a tiger or an elephant makes, as well thinking that every van is an ambulance (ble-ble). He’s even taller than last month and needs some bigger shoes this weekend. He’s developing his little sense of humour too, watching YouTube videos or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and laughing away and dancing. He even tries to help them in their tasks. It is adorable.

Early morning snuggles in Nanna’s bed!

I returned to Slimming World this month, and I nearly cried when I got on the scales. I am the heaviest I have ever been by a long way at 15st 13lbs.  223lbs for my American readers. In an effort to just focus on the exercise and healthy eating and how that makes me feel and not a number on the scales, I have opted for a month of blind weighing.  Although I will get weighed all this month, as usual, I won’t know my weight.  I’ll find out on the last Wednesday of July how much I’ve lost.  This means that I can’t obsess over fluctuations, and I am anxious but excited.

I’ve also spent every Thursday morning this month at a sewing course, designed for us to make money for Derian House,my favourite charity.  I can’t say too much about that yet, but it’s been great fun.  I’ve been learning how to create things and knowing that it’s going to help a truly fantastic cause.

An afternoon picnic on the River Ribble, with bonus feature from Uncle Steven.

I think that’s all for now from me, July should be a quieter month overall. We are going for Disney afternoon tea on the 2nd and it is Derian House’s Open Day on the 9th. And then, on the 22nd we are going to Leicester to watch Miss Saigon, and it may even be the first time I spend the night away from Robin that wasn’t part of an emergency. Scary prospect but I am so excited at the idea of an actual nights sleep! Oh, and of course, TheWeighIn.

All this hot weather makes Beanie tired!

Guess it must be catching!

The Me and Mine Project

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