Me and Mine Project 2017 – March

So this is a few days late! It’s been another stressful month with Daddy ending up back in hospital! But rather than dwell on the negatives I’m just going to post a couple of piccies and mostly leave it there before this post gets any later than it is already! 

This month contains a bonus picture of Grandma instead of Daddy! 3 generations in one photo!

Throwback to when daddy really needed to shave..

A couple of days after getting out of hospital.. a trip to the park to enjoy the sunshine! 

This month Mummy started losing weight, started a big house purge (that has seen over 40 bin bags worth leave the house already!) has been running around like a little bit of an idiot and enjoyed the last full month of being 29.

Daddy has been trying to enjoy what’s left of his time of recovery but ending up back in hospital put a bit of a downer on that one, trying to rebuild his strength and stamina by going for little walks and even going swimming once! 

Robin has changed so very much this month. He’s started saying a lot more words (still only a couple consistently) he’s grown out of most of his 12-18 month clothes and is now in some of his 18-24 month ones, he has to help with whatever Mummy and daddy are doing, he’s enjoying eating a lot more, and has been on the whole an absolute delight this month! 

Next month (or this month as it actually is) I turn 30. I’m going to be doing it in style at Disneyland Paris and I absolutely cannot wait. Expect a long Me and Mine April edition! 
The Me and Mine Project

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