Me and Mine Project – October 2017

Just one photo this month I’m afraid! We have had a wonderful but super busy month this month!

The biggest change was a new house-mate in the form of someone who will henceforth be named Adorable Steve (his words, not mine)! While you’ll never meet anyone who will infuriate you with his “banter” like he does, we would seriously not be where we are now if it wasn’t for him. He is one of the most selfless human beings I’ve ever met, and he is wonderful with Robin. He goes out of his way for all of us, and makes sure that me and Myke get some much-needed time alone together by taking Robin off us.

Once again, Myke ended up back in the hospital. He was admitted with potential sepsis, but thankfully it was not as severe as that, even though he was much poorlier than usual. He remained in hospital until his next procedure which was to be a bit of a turning point. For those unaware, Myke is fitted with a PTC drain. This means he has a bag (not unlike a colostomy bag) which has a tube inside, that enters his body between his ribs on his right-hand side, goes through his liver, and into his bile duct. This drains all his excess bile and helps stop an infection called Cholangitis caused by his bile duct narrowing due to scarring from his reconstruction. And that’s the short version!

It took two attempts to get the PTC in, during a procedure which Myke is awake for. We thought all was successful until we found out at the beginning of the month that it wasn’t. It was ALMOST successful. The part where the narrowing is hadn’t been crossed so they needed to do that to stretch it, ready for a custom built stent. Another unsuccessful procedure later told us that he needed to have it redone from the left (harder than the right and extremely painful again). If that weren’t successful, he would have to be reopened and his reconstruction redone. Not only would this be months and months of painful recovery again, but there was no guarantee we wouldn’t end up back here six months later once again.

Instead, when they moved the drain to allow access for them to attempt from the left, it slid into place! 3 x 2hr operations and they couldn’t do it. five mins in and it happened! This meant that his procedure only took 45 mins and had very little recovery time. There’s still a very, very long road ahead of us, but it just got a little brighter.

The second big, good news is that I passed my driving test! The first time, with no minor faults. I wouldn’t have cared how many minor faults I had but to pass with none is incredible. I’m so, so happy and this is truly a life-changing thing for me.

To go back to the wonderfulness of Adorable Steve, knowing that I was being picked up at 7am for a lesson before my 8.20am test, I got up to a Macdonald’s breakfast ready and waiting for me. He’s got up earlier and gone on his motorbike before going to work. What a sweetheart.

A photograph taken selfie style by Myke showing me driving our car, him in the passenger seat and Robin in the car seat behind me with the sun visor from the window over his face.

Not the best family photo, since Robin decided he didn’t want to be visible!

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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3 thoughts on “Me and Mine Project – October 2017

  1. Ha – kids they are quite funny sometimes! Mine likes to occasionally hide from camera, or make funny faces at camera too – it’s tough taking family pictures 😀 Sounds really scary what was happening with Myke, glad it ended relatively well in the end! #meandmine

  2. Ahh it’s not about the perfect styled photos its about those amazing memories together big or small all so precious. Sounds like you had a great october together. #meandmineproject

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