Me and Mine Project 2017 – February 

This month will be a very short post I’m afraid. After writing last month and thinking about how I needed to get a photo of “my house family” – this is including my mum and dad who we live with, and how I realised that we didn’t have one.

And then, suddenly and without warning, the day after I posted it, my dad died.

This month has without a doubt been the worst month of my life. The funeral was literally four days ago after such a long wait and I need to write a post that conveys the emotion and does justice to the most amazing man I have ever met.

Understandably, there hasn’t been many photographs this month, and the two occasions when I wanted to take them something came up, so once again, we have a selfie.

Today we decided on a little trip to the zoo but the weather was pretty terrible. This was us on the way home, stuck in traffic.

This month has been all about appreciation and dealing with things that we don’t want to deal with. About pulling together, and never taking a single moment for granted because you just don’t know when it will be your last.

Robin had a Wonderweek the week my dad died so that was very trying, and has been poorly for a few days – just a virus, but still hard to deal with.  But also he has been the sweetest little boy. And has been so visibly changing, both in size, looks and ability.

And so I leave you with our Me and Mine – February edition, and promise to write some emotionally draining posts in the very near future. Until then, please, never hesitate to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, it really could be the last time you have the chance.

The Me and Mine Project

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13 thoughts on “Me and Mine Project 2017 – February 

  1. Oh Emmy! I’m so very sorry to read this. What an awful time for you and your family. Sending you lots of love and hugs – try to focus on the happy times in your dad’s life and let Robin lift your spirits when you’re down xxx

  2. Oh gosh I’m so sorry that’s happened. You are amazingly strong to still be out and appreciating life. Really admire that. You’ve made me want to hug my family a little tighter today. Hugs to you

    1. I’m glad that’s inspired you! It’s really, so important. Dad wouldn’t have appreciated how much time I’ve spent crying etc, he really would want me to be “out there” and making the most of things, so I feel like it’s honouring him by doing so. Xx

  3. I am so so sorry for your loss. Sending love virtually. I can’t imagine the feeling of loss you feel but my dad is fighting cancer right now and it’s hard when it’s your parents. They are so apart of you not just your life but actually apart of us. Leaning on your family and friends when you needed it. #meandmineproject

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