Me and Mine Project 2017 – July

Oh, July! You continue to be a sucky month. Last year my dad went in for surgery to remove part of his prostate. An operation that signified the start of TheYearFromHell. This July is no better.

Nothing much has happened this month, and yet it’s all happened too.

Myke had another episode of cholangitis. Thankfully, this time we caught it early and other than some joint discomfort and a slightly raised temperature, he wasn’t very symptomatic. However, this time he was hospitalised for a week having antibiotics and tests. Although we are not happy with the treatment received, the tests were worthwhile. They confirmed a worry that we had, that Myke’s bile duct has narrowed (strictures). We are now waiting on a date for Myke’s return to the hospital for another operation. The first of two in his future.

This first one will go through his liver into his bile duct, where a balloon will be inflated to stretch the stricture. There will also be some photos taken ready for op number two.

Op number two will be the insertion of a custom made, biodegradable stent which will be gone in 15 years, by which time his bile duct should have finished repairing and will remain at its full width. Should. Hopefully.

Myke was taking a selfie of us, me driving. (I was at traffic lights – there is more where I’m not looking at the camera like the safe *learner* driver that I am!)

While Myke was in the hospital, his Nan was readmitted to a different hospital. This has been an ongoing saga over the last year also. I won’t go into it, but a lot of The problems have been down to an abysmal standard of care while in the hospital. Sadly, as I write this, she has now been switched to palliative care.

We are unable to go and see her as she has now been diagnosed with C. Diff, and since Myke is awaiting an operation, it has been strongly advised that we don’t go.

While it is heartbreaking to know we won’t see her again, the last time we did see her, she was at home. She also looked better than she has done in years, so that is the perfect way to remember her.

Bonus photo of us in our hotel room, so excited to get a full nights sleep for the first time in 18 months!

One of the absolute better parts of this month was an overnight trip to Leicester to see Miss Saigon at The Curve. I was extremely impressed with the theatre itself and would go there again!

Another bonus pic – aren’t you lucky? Myke, me and my mother in law, sat ready to watch Miss Saigon.

Miss Saigon itself was breathtaking. We had fantastic seats, very central and three rows back. It felt like we were part of the production it was that immersive. We didn’t have to pay extra for those seats as a lot of theatres do, we just booked early enough. But I would pay a premium to sit in similar seats in future though.

We had the “Alternate Kim” actress during our performance. Joreen Bautista is only 17, and it’s her professional debut. You wouldn’t have any clue though, she was perfect and looked and sounded very similar to the actress who was in the 20th Anniversary Performance. We went to the cinema to see it and preordered the Bluray and have watched it multiple times since. I thoroughly recommend it if you haven’t seen it already.

This photo was taken last minute as I didn’t think we’d taken any this month!

That’s all that has happened really. I don’t have much to report about Robin, as I can’t place what is new this month. He seems to have grown up massively again though. He’s started copying too. I’ll have to keep track of everything “new” he does next month!

I lost 4.5lbs this month, but given the month that I had, I think that was brilliant. 5lbs the first week, 1/2 lb the third, and a 1lb gain the last week. While I’m a little disappointed in the gain, it was thoroughly deserved, and I’m just glad I didn’t undo it all. I’m aiming for 9.5 lbs this month. And since I’ve rejoined the gym, it is do-able.

Although we will find August stressful, I hope everyone else’s August is amazing!

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5 thoughts on “Me and Mine Project 2017 – July

  1. What a month! I hope things are starting to improve for you now. Miss Saigon sounds amazing though – I saw it in London a couple of years ago and loved it! #MeAndMineProject

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