Artisan Enamels – Mickey Mouse Style Pendant

Who discovered who? My welcome discovery of Artisan Enamels happened quite by chance!

Recently, I seem to have finally “got” Twitter. I’ve always found it tough to use, understanding Facebook a lot more. Since switching over to Twitter for my efforts (note to self: find a happy medium!) I’ve found to my surprise that I much prefer it.

So, while running my bath the other night, I found myself joining in the #HandmadeHour chat that runs on Wednesdays at 7.30pm and Sundays at 8.00pm. One tweet that caught my eye was from Artisan Enamels, a business in Nottingham that kiln fire all their gems. The featured piece was beyond stunning. The setting was unusual, and the colours of the stones were vivid and vibrant. One look at my usual hair colour will tell you how I feel about those criteria!

I couldn’t help but tell them how beautiful they were and following a brief conversation we followed each other.

The next day they opened their Etsy store, and in a bid to get a sale did what every good business person should. They researched their market! Unsuspecting little old me then gets this tweet:
There was me, trying to coax Robin to accept the fact that he desperately needed sleep when boom! Blindsided.

Jokes aside this impressed me. Nicki and Paul had taken the time to look at my profile and realised that there was a product that I would probably love (I do) and would more than likely buy (I did).

I fell in love with the pendant straight away. Since I only wear silver, the colour of the stone is not something I would usually wear, but I think I liked it that much more for this reason. It’s a piece of jewellery that I can wear with anything. The fact that it’s Mickey means that it will go with most of my clothes and its style is classy, so will go with my “adulting” clothes.

After the fastest sale in the history of Etsy (probably not) Paul messaged me to offer me a free pair of matching earrings, as a thank you for being their first sale. I opted for the black we agreed that they matched the best. These could also be worn with other jewellery as they are a classic style.

Artisan Enamels make most of their pieces to order, allowing you to customise colours to create a unique piece. I was expecting my order to take around a week, but to my surprise, the postman brought me a lovely parcel two days later.

The first thing that caught my eye were the business cards. Such a strange thing to notice, but it was the quality that caught my eye. I must ask where they are purchased from as if I ever need some; I want them to be like this! Until then, I’d seen business cards as a bit of a defunct reminder of days past, in this digital world, still used in some circles but primarily a dying art. I stand corrected.

Excited, I discovered a little purple box containing my pieces, and I have to say, they are even lovelier in real life. How the link holds the setting, means that it’s free to rotate a little, which looks beautiful.

The quality of the necklace is visible from the start, and the earrings match beautifully. Another thing that I liked was that you could buy the pendant alone or on a chain. In the name of decluttering, I opted to purchase the pendant alone to put on one of the many chains I already own. This means it is even more versatile, as the length of chain that I choose to wear it with will change the overall look too.

At £28.50 the piece cost more than I would usually pay, but that truly is a statement about me than about the price. This is not something that is mass produced. A lot of care and attention goes into each piece, so the price is in fact very reasonable. Most times in life you get what you pay for. Something that is cheap in price, is usually cheap in quality.  At this price point, Artisan Enamels jewellery is an absolute bargain.

All in, I cannot recommend Artisan Enamels enough. If you purchase anything, be sure to tell them I sent you. I will certainly be buying more jewellery from them, and I wish them every success in the world.

If you would like to purchase a Mickey Necklace like mine for yourself or a loved one, you can find the listing here. Alternatively, have a look at Artisan Enamels Etsy store or give them a shout on Twitter.

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35 thoughts on “Artisan Enamels – Mickey Mouse Style Pendant

  1. Hi Emmy. Thank you for amazing blog write up! That was such a lovely surprise. Re the cards, we are fortunate that our son is a graphic designer so he sorted them out for us 🙂 Soooo pleased that you like the jewellery and again, a big thank you for being our 1st customer and for buying from such a new small business, with no reviews at all!

  2. That necklace is lovely! I love finding unique piece that aren’t mass produced. I’ll have to take a look on Etsy. I always forget to have a look on there.

  3. Gorgeous! And they really are great business people! Totally that target audience 😉 you’re right, for the amount of time and effort goes intoa piece the money is worth it! Xxx

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