Moleskine Smart Planner 2018 – First Look Video

Since Santa is bringing me a Moleskine Smart Writing + Set (thanks, Santa! Did you look at my Black Friday Wishlist?) I am looking into accessories that will complement my lovely gift.  That was when I noticed the Smart Planner 2018, a diary than utilised the Smart Writing + Set, and automatically synchronises your appointments to your Google Calendar or iCal.

A first look at all the pages inside the Moleskine Smart Planner 2018

There is surprisingly little information about any of Moleskine Smart range, which is confusing, as such a revolutionary product deserves shouting from the rooftops about.  Particularly as a blogger, who also loves bullet journaling, on paper this concept is perfect.  Having access to everything digitally gives me justification (and motivation) to improve the presentation of my pages and take some time for decoration.

I couldn’t even see how the pages were laid out in the planner before I purchased it.  For a planner, with so much competition, this is pretty inexcusable behaviour from Moleskine.  Maybe they have their reasons for not utilising bloggers and vloggers for marketing, but honestly, I feel its a strange move.  There are no videos on YouTube that show any of the Smart Writing products in action from the perspective of someone who would actually use them, rather than a tech reviewer showing its capabilities.  How does that apply and convert to real life use?

Although I can’t truly test it out until Christmas, I thought I would have a look so I can plan ahead how I can best use the layout. As soon as I opened it though, I realised that I shouldn’t be so selfish and just make a video myself.  I must apologise for the background (my duvet cover!) and the bad lighting (its winter, and Beans has been needy) and my voice (I have a cold, but there’s no real excuse there!).

I hope you find it useful! Please let me know if there is anything you want to know about the planner, notepad or the pen.  I will be making a couple of video’s after Christmas so I can hopefully answer any questions you may have!


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