Of treats and cheats

A FIVE POUND LOSS! I am thrilled that this weeks hard work has paid off.  

I know that that is not maintainable long term and that’s fine, but it’s such a great start! It’s exactly what I needed to keep me going. This week, I am aiming for 3lbs loss. This will get me my 1/2 stone award and an extra pound. Then the following week, into the 13s! 

I’ve started my meal plan for next week too. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as the wise scholar who was my father used to tell me (although I believe the original quote comes from Benjamin Franklin, but it’ll always be dad’s to me!) He’d also tell me of the 6 p’s, but I’m not sure that that belongs on this blog as it has more colourful language! 

This week in group, a lovely lady gave some daffodils for the slimmer of the week basket. She explained that she’d been doing some thinking that week and wondered why we treat food as a reward or a treat. Why not something else? Something that won’t make this journey harder? Such as a new top?

It got me thinking, it’s true. It’s something I’ve spoken of in the past, that social events revolve around food. A meal for a birthday, a drink down the pub, it all goes against what your trying to achieve and leaves really conflicting feelings about it all. 

Although I’m going to contradict myself a little further down, I decided to reward myself for a hard week with a new game for the Nintendo Switch called Snipperclips – cut it out, together! Which is an infuriating little puzzle game that Myke and I enjoyed the demo for. You play as two little shapes that have to work together and cut shapes out of each other to solve puzzles. It wasn’t cheap at £17.99, but it’s nice to have something so inclusive with co-op. There’s 4 player mode too when we can finally afford some more controllers! Here’s hoping that it’s long enough to be worth the 18 quid!

But it is true, most of us end up overweight due to the wrong attitude towards food. Whilst food can be one of the better pleasures in life, it is (and should be) primarily a fuel for our bodies. By using it as a treat for example it’s sending an entirely wrong message to ourselves. This is part of the reason for #OperationBelleBell, a non-food based reward. 
A tradition among many Slimming World members (myself included) is to treat weigh day as treat day. The day when you can eat the stuff that you normally can’t because you have a week to minimise the damage. How wrong is that attitude? Minimise the damage. Not get a great start on the week ahead. 

I do however see a purpose to these days as it can be a good time to get certain things out of your system. So that when you crave that pizza, you know what day you can have it and look forward to it. And you prioritise the things that you really, really want. Not just convenience. 

However, if like me, you have a morning weigh in, that’s a LOT of time to do some damage. So I have a new mentality towards treat day. I’m only going to have what I genuinely crave, and I’m going to make it as on plan as possible. Still have the speed foods, syn all the foods, even if the number will be in 4 figures, that’s still how many I’ve eaten. By not writing it down, it doesn’t convince my body to not digest those calories. 

This of course will change if it starts to slow my weight loss at all. Most foods that I want I could eat and stay on plan if I plan ahead for them. Or I could make myself for a fraction of the syn value. 

Because ultimately, the thing I am cheating on is myself. The scales will show the result of maths (calories in vs calories out), slimming world couldn’t care less if I had ten creme eggs. However I will, when I feel sick, and fat, and I only lose half a pound. I’m the only one slowing my weight loss down by not sticking to the plan. 

Okay, I’ve fallen off my soapbox now.

One other good piece of advice from today’s group, was regarding the etiquette of snack giving and receiving. Chocolate, cakes, crisps, even alcohol. 

When someone offers you something and your response is “I can’t, I’m on a diet.” You’re giving them an invitation to argue. To tell you that you can, its only one. Or that you need to treat yourself. You’re secretly saying I want one, but I better say no. 

Instead, if you say “No, thank you” or “No, I don’t want/like/fancy one” generally you’ll be left alone. You’re not asking for permission from someone. And you’re also telling yourself the same. It will help you to focus. Particularly if (like me) you have a rebellious nature! 

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