#OperationBelleBell week 2

I have totally sucked this week at taking photos of my meals! I have been so busy that I have forgotten until either I’ve finished or I’m halfway through. Thankfully I’ve still had a mostly good week. I wrote a meal plan at the beginning of the week, and mostly stuck to it. The days I struggled was the days I didn’t manage to stick to it. Seeing a pattern here?


So as I said in the previous post, I was having a treat day. Breakfast was skipped due to going to weigh in, lunch was bacon and egg on waffles. I need to remember that I can eat these on plan if I syn then, such a good lunch. I had bought some cookies from Millie’s yesterday but I mostly shared them with Robin. I only had two small ones. For tea we had a takeaway – crispy shredded chicken in ok sauce, with egg fried rice, chips curry and crispy seaweed. Washed down with a beer. Yum. I had intended on making my own chips, curry and seaweed to limit the syns but we decided to go to my mother in laws house to eat with her so I just bought them from the shop. I enjoyed this so much. It’s amazing how much you enjoy food like this when your dieting. It feels like the treat it should be. Ending the syns on 46. Yes, I’m still counting them! 


Brekkie this morning was just fruit. 2 nectarines, a mandarin and an apple to be exact.  I had zero motivation when it came to lunch, I intended on making something quite fancy, but instead opted for a slimming world soup –  smoked tomato, beans and chorizo. I actually enjoyed it, but I wasn’t fond of the texture. And the chorizo was not nice either, but it wouldn’t be, cause it’s a substitute and there’s no such thing as a good chorizo sub yet that I have discovered. When mum came home (she was helping my auntie decorate) she announced that we was going out for tea to my cousins birthday/farewell meal. She’s off travelling as of Saturday and I am so very jealous as my wanderlust has increased ten fold since dad died. I planned ahead by looking at the menu and decided I’d have a superfood salad with halloumi. When we arrived it was decided that starters would be consumed and I was too hungry to watch everyone else eat a course before mine arrived so I found baked bubble and squeak with poached egg, bacon and hollandaise sauce. It was delicious and was a small portion which was a bonus. My superfood salad could have been better but was enjoyable none the less. Estimated syns for the day are 15.5. Proud of myself for today. 


Loads of fruit for brekkie again today! Went shopping and knew that we was eating in the cafe so I filled myself up on oranges and nectarine first. When we got there there was a fruit salad available so I got that and had even more: strawberries, blue berries and grapes. Did well yet again! Had a cheese leek and ham pasta n sauce on salad for lunch, definitely a good choice, and peanut butter curry for tea. Tasted nothing like normal and I don’t really know why but was nice all the same. It was a bit rushed as we started some major decluttering today and was at that for a few hours whilst Robin visited Nanna with Daddy.  Feels so good to be purging a little. 7.5 syns.


More purging today, this time starting on dads wardrobe. There has been less emotional days. Porridge began my day, As I just could not be bothered with the fried breakfast I had intended. That was okay though as I really enjoyed it. Haddock, jacket potato, steamed veg and beans for lunch. Quick and on plan. Then, a one pot Cajun pasta that Had been mention led on our SW group this week. Wow it was lovely. Very, very spicy, but lovely. Didn’t contain much speed food though. Should have had a salad with it really. Ending on 9syns. 


Breakfast today should have been fruit and yogurt, but guess which numbskull forgot to get the fruit out of the freezer? A mountain of fruit was my breakfast instead, one consumed en route to deliver 19 bags of stuff to Derian House’s charity shop – wow! And then just before lunch, a trip to the tip with a whole cars worth there too. Well done us, more where that came from pur-lease! I realised that I had two portions of leftovers in the fridge that would need to be eaten soon so instead of my pasta n sauce salad, I opted for the Cajun pasta leftovers. Didn’t eat much of it to be fair, and only when I finished did I remember that it was lacking in speed foods. Grr. Tea was an attempt to recreate my Chinese takeaway. Shredded Chicken in sweet chilli sauce. It was actually lovely, but again was nothing like the takeaway. A few tweaks to the recipe may get it closer but as a first attempt was a delicious meal. Will definitely be eaten again! Had a mars bar whilst on the way home from the tip so today’s syns are 13.5!


I remembered to get my fruit out of the freezer last night so I enjoyed that for my breakfast! For lunch I decided to have the pasta n sauce from yesterday but when I came to dish it up, the salad was NOT good. Not even remotely salvageable. So no speed in this meal for Emmy. No enthusiasm at all for tea. Craving toast. I don’t even eat toast that often. Double checked the syn value of best of both, and yippee! Well within syns! So it’s fry up for me! A jacket potato (for bulk) bacon, egg, beans and lots of tomatoes. Along with 2 slices of toast. Best toast ever. 14 syns.


Today I finished off the berries from yesterday with a cherry mullerlight. It wasn’t too long until I wanted lunch, but welcome the same old, same.. I could not think of anything to eat to ensure speed foods formed a decent chunk. This is the only meal I didn’t plan for this week as it was to be a packed lunch. We had intended to go to the Donkey Sanctuary to see Dads donkeys Henry and Tiny Tim but the weather was awful. So I managed to throw together a chicken stir fry and noodles. I really love this meal and should probably have it more often. I had 2 hifis for dessert, and then tea was my cheesy tuna pasta. it turns out after digging around in the cupboard for a good 15 mins that I didn’t actually have enough eggs but I made it work. I really need to go through the cupboards, we have so many tins of stuff that I should plan next weeks meals around using some of them! I only realised as I wrote this that I am syn free today so I probably should go eat something. (I found some Milk Tray – 5 choccies for 12.5 syns!)

I was hoping for a 3lb loss this week, but I’m not terribly optimistic given that I’ve not had half the amount of speed foods (plus eating out twice). I would kill for 2 lbs though as this would bring me my half a stone. Half a stone in 2 weeks, I’d be thrilled!

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