#OperationBelleBell Week One

I’m going to do a weekly food diary with other bits of half interesting information, mostly to track how I’m feeling as well as what I’ve actually eaten as anyone who’s struggled with their weight will know, it’s not just about what you’re eating, and with slimming world, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.


So, although I normally treat weigh in day as a treat day, I decided that I was in the zone, and it would be silly to waste the motivation by eating even more crap. On the way home I bought a ham salad box which was lovely. Syns involved however, as I didn’t notice her put coleslaw in. I estimated the amount at 6, though in future I’ll make sure that I don’t get anything like coleslaw as I don’t enjoy it enough for the amount of syns involved.

Dinner was smoked haddock, chips and steamed veg with cathedral city light spreadable on top. Snacks have been 2 mullerlights and a hifi bar. Drinks has been 3 cans Pepsi max and a pint of water. Hoping for another before bed too. I got this.


Haven’t eaten much today. Had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, a noodle pot and apple for lunch and a meal out for tea. Totally not worth it. Delicious but left me feeling horrible. Had 3 Pepsi maxes and a 750 ml water. Also ate a few French fry crisps before I realised what I’d done!!! My post on our slimming world group sums up today pretty well:


Haven’t had an a or b choice yet. Not sure I’ll be able to either as I feel really full, but hopefully I’ll have some porridge for supper. Breakfast was fruit and yoghurt, I then shared a milky button ghost with Robin. Lunch was a pesto pasta n sauce and a salad box, and a toffee mullerlight and tea was peanut butter curry (recipe on my blog!) and an orange for dessert. 4 Pepsi maxes and No water yet but will have some before bed.

Reasonably happy with the day.


Breakfast was big bowl porridge with milk (a and b choice) with 1.5 syns sugar. Lunch was stir fried chicken and veg in a homemade 5 spice sauce and teriyaki noodles, an orange for dessert, and the tea was Diet Coke chicken with a creme egg for dessert. Don’t judge me. I found it hiding and realised I’d only had a light sprinkling of sugar so I needed some syns. Ending on 10.5 syns. Had 3 Pepsi max’ and a pint of water (will have some more before bed!)


So fruit and yoghurt again for brekkie, jacket potato with cheese and beans and half a subway salad for lunch, late afternoon I shared some spaghetti with Robin, and another mullerlight. Tea was a bacon and courgette pasta, absolutely delicious and so easy to make. I’ll be putting the recipe on my blog tomorrow! For dessert I’m having my hifi bars for the day, and a can of Budweiser.

Ending on 12 syns. Really happy with this week so far and feeling great too. I just really hope it shows on the scales.


Ugh. Not fond of today at all. Managed a decent amount of walking and such so happy there but the rest of the day, just nope. Emotionally I’ve been on a bit of a downer today. I’m pretty sure my body is detoxing now cause I’ve gone from feeling amazing to utter crap. I’m getting what my husband and I call slimming world tummy, headaches, and feeling constantly hungry and almost sick. It’ll pass in a day or two so that’s okay but I just need to keep my head in it.

Food was fruit and yogurt for breakfast, I wolfed down my left over salad from yesterday and one of those Thai noodle salad pots from Iceland (had better, but had far worse – would buy again) before heading out. Was hungry and wanting snacks so bought a pack of apples and a pack of curly wurlys. Had 3 apples and a curly wurly and felt like I may as well had not bothered. Got stuck in traffic so had to cancel a journey to get Robin to swimming, came out ravenous but needed to go on a 2 hour round trip so knew I couldn’t wait until I got home for my chilli so I got a chicken teriyaki subway salad but just couldn’t eat it. It was sticking in my mouth and just ugh. It was lovely tasting but I am 100% salad-ed out today. Had another apple. Smelt the kebab that my mum and husband got for tea. Removed myself from the situation. Currently drinking a detox herbal tea and going to get 2 hifi bars to have my b and hopefully help. Just feel so down and fed up, but I know that I just need to focus and it’ll be fine. Further proof that slimming world is all about organisation. Gonna end today on 7 syns.


‘Twas the night before weigh in…

Today’s meals were porridge, half a three bean chilli sw ready meal (I actually quite like this one!) rice and my left over salad from last night (waste not, want not!) didn’t really have any snacks – was too busy to want them, tea was sw spicy chicken tikka curry sauce over chicken, peppers, mushrooms and onions. The sauce? Meh. I’d buy it again in a pinch but I can make sauces cheaper, quicker and a thousand times tastier. Myke was not a fan. Nickie the one-eyed pig however was all for giving her review too.

Syns today have been sugar for my porridge, half a popcorn chicken style thing from Iceland (part of Robins tea. – delicious!) and a mini Millie’s cookie to celebrate a week well done. Ending on 8 syns with a soak in the bath with a detox herbal tea.

I have tried so very, very hard this week. I’m looking forward to weigh-in in the morning, but I know I’ll be gutted if I get a small loss which is my usual first week. I’m going to do my best to stay positive regardless however, as I know the plan works, and I know my week one losses can be small. This does not reflect how good it’s felt!

Come on scales, be my friend!

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