Pipbox May 2017 Review

You may have seen that I decided to take a very scary leap into the YouTube Vlogging world this month by posting my very first video. It was an unboxing video of a beauty subscription box. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to my channel here to receive updates whenever I get embarrassed trying to video myself!

Back in April, I discovered via Twitter, a cruelty-free subscription box named Pipbox. Their April box had already sold out, so I got my name down pretty sharpish for their May box!

Pipbox has two options available, cruelty-free and vegan cruelty-free. But this time, I opted for the standard cruelty-free Pipbox although soon, I may get a vegan box too.

Once you’ve watched me bumble my way through my Pipbox unboxing video, you may be interested to know what thought of the products once I had the chance to use them.

I must preface this with the admission that I will never be a beauty blogger; I’m not feminine enough to care about wearing make-up all the time and such, but it does still very much interest me. The sheer amount of makeup that I own would indicate that, but I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how much there is!

Fruu Fresh Strawberry Lip Balm (worth £2.99)

I am not a big lip balm person. I forget to apply it, other than first thing in the morning usually, and my husband’s not a big fan either. He doesn’t like the greasy feel that a lot of lip balm leaves behind. Still, it was the first item that I tried given it was the most non-committal. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t fond at first. I found the texture quite strange, and it was drier than most lip balms I have tried in the past. A few glides of the stick later, and I’d gotten used to it though. I love the flavour too. It’s noticeable, while not being intrusive.

Still, the biggest test was yet to come. I leant in for a kiss, to be predictably met with: “Are you wearing lip balm? Ugh, I hate lip balm.” Still, I was granted a few kisses, and he went off, mumbling and rubbing his lips together. However, later he asked me to keep using it as “It tastes really nice” and “doesn’t feel as greasy” as they normally do.

Thumbs up from me!

Konjac Mini Face Puff (worth £6.99)

I was curious but apprehensive of this tiny little sponge. It claims to exfoliate and is hard to touch, so I expected it to be very abrasive.

I was pleasantly surprised to see just how soft it went in the water, so I had nothing to worry about. I even took a before and after picture to see if I went red, which I didn’t!

The sponge itself is only small so perfect for keeping in a wash bag or something for travelling, and it also contains green clay, which is supposed to be good for combination skin.

I thought the sponge felt nice on my face, and it almost had a soapy feel, even though it wasn’t. I’m not sure if that’s the green clay coming into play or the texture of the sponge itself. It was a little off-putting at first, but I soon got used to it.

If you have sensitive skin, then I think that this would make a great exfoliator as it doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything harsh and didn’t agitate my skin at all. It can be used in conjunction with a cleanser for a deeper cleanse so it would be fantastic just as a medium to use as an alternative to cotton wool, flannels, etc.

I haven’t used it long enough to tell if it has made a difference yet, but I will certainly continue to use it, and I’m glad that I received it, as I probably wouldn’t have bought this without trying it before.

Weleda Mini Body Oil (worth £3.99)

This is lovely. At first, I had a chuckle to myself about the anti-aging aspect and got paranoid about having just turned 30, but it couldn’t have come at a better time, to be honest.

I’ve been noticing a trend of people in their 20’s and 30’s using anti-aging products, taking advice from the saying: “Prevention is better than cure.” I’m very much in that demographic, so it makes sense for me to start considering this too.

Add into that I had a baby 16 months ago, and that my weight has yo-yo’d over the last ten years or so, and I think I’m probably smack-bang in the middle of Weleda’s target market.

I have used some of Weleda’s baby products before, having received samples through goodie bags, such as Emma’s Diary, and I’ve always been quite impressed.

This oil did not disappoint. I love it. I love the smell; I love the feel, everything. It didn’t feel greasy and left my skin soft for a couple of days. My only criticism was that the one sample size bottle didn’t go a long way, but I am overweight, so I do have more skin than average to cover.

I will certainly buy this product in the future.

Saturated Colour Make Me Shimmer (worth £6)

This is probably the only product I wouldn’t buy again. I have never been big into highlighting, contouring and the rest of it, lacking the skill, time and inclination alike.

I thought this might change my mind a little, but I was disappointed to find that it was less a highlighter, more a glitter pencil. The style of makeup I wear is very natural looking, so there is no place in my makeup bag for something like this. If it was more of a subtle shimmer, it might not have been so unsuitable, but I really couldn’t make it work for me at all.

However, if you’re looking for something like that, then this might well be your product. I loved the smell, and I thought that it slid on smoothly. So, all in all, lovely product – just not for me.

White Rabbit Skincare Lime and Coconut Cleansing Water (worth £3.50)

This was my favourite product that I received. I loved everything about it. Usually, I use Tropic Skincare or Simple, and this might have just wormed its way onto my regular purchase list!

The directions state that you should cleanse until the cotton pad is clear. After a shower and a full cleanse the night before, there was still traces after seven pads! My skin felt glorious afterwards, and absolutely no reaction from my skin, which is a huge relief as finding skin care products to use can be tricky.

It smelled divine, too: very natural and fresh.

I have since seen that White Rabbit Skincare have a good range of products, which I am going to try very soon!

So there we have it, my first Pipbox review. I hope you find the information useful.

If you subscribe to Pipbox or use any of these products, then please, let me know what you think, too!


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