Procrastination and Motivation

I’m avoiding writing a few things that I want to, which is a contradiction in itself!

However, since dad died I’ve been thinking a lot about life and happiness. I’ve been feeling quite “stuck” and motivated to change things. I’ve started seriously purging a lot of clutter and I have much less patience for negativity and drama.

One major thing that has been getting me down for years now is my weight and I’ve been faffing about for far too long. And so I’m going to do something about it.

This is called #OperationBelleBell – my reward for getting to target is going to be to cosplay as Belle from Beauty and The Beast at the next con that we go to.

This is my starting point. 14 stone 9lbs. May I never see that number on the scale again! My target is 10 stone, but it’s not the number that matters to me, but how I look. I will raise or lower that accordingly, but for now, 10 is a good aim. 4st 9lbs.

I’ve started going to a lovely little class near my house at Plungington Community Centre on a Saturday morning, with a very no nonsense consultant, Matt. Having been to a few local groups over the years I can tell Matt is a consultant that means business. And whilst Laura over at Moss Side in Leyland will always have my heart, her group is just a little too far for me to travel to right now, so I’m glad I’ve found a consultant who I think will really help me achieve my results!

Matt asked us this week to write on a piece of paper 5 things that would get in our way this week. Then what loss would make us happy, and finally what we will do to overcome these obstacles.

I bought myself the 12 week diary too, as I am most definitely in the zone right now and I really wish to stay that way. Here is my 12 week plan:

I will be so happy if I can see the number 12 (stones) on the scale. I haven’t seen that number since 2012 when I stuck at 12 st 12 lbs before having a break and never truly getting my A game back. It’s been my Christmas wish and New Years resolution since and the closest I have been is 13st 3.5 lb after having Robin!

My goal for week one is 4lbs. I don’t think I’ll hit that in all honesty as my week ones rarely have a big loss. I tend to only lose 1-2 and then get a good week 2 loss. And since having TheBeans my losses have been painfully small. But, I’ll take what I can!

This is the official start of #OperationBelleBell. Here’s to the future and becoming the best version of me!
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