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From here out you’ll find lots of recipes, most of which are Slimming World friendly.  This is because Myke and I have followed the plan in the past and are following it again now. The meals are generally ones that I eat even when I’m not on plan, and I know theres a lot of people who struggle to cook meals, either because they lack the confidence in their own cooking skills or because they lack the inspiration.  This is where I am here to help!

I will always try to be as accurate as I can with syn values, but they can change, either because Slimming World change the plan, or because brands change their recipes.  Please, please, please! ALWAYS CHECK THE SYN VALUES! Even a food you think you know is 100% free can change. This is especially true with recipes that use your healthy extra A or healthy extra B, as the quantities change frequently.

All of my recipes are colour coded.  Free Foods will always be written in normal, black font.  These you can eat as much as you want of, no need to weigh or measure.  Speed foods will always be blue, and Protein Foods will always be peach.  These also do not need weighing, or measuring.  In fact, using more is not only permissible but encouraged! They will help your weight loss. Some recipes will also be good for Slimming World SP days, although I have not yet tried one of these days myself. Ingredients that can be used as a Healthy Extra will be mint coloured.  These MUST be carefully measured.  Its important to have these every day as they are high in calcium (A) and fibre (B).  Don’t worry if you’ve already used your healthy extras for the day, you can syn the ingredients, usually for 6 syns per portion (again, check this!).  And finally, synned foods will always be pink. These also must be carefully weighed and measured to protect your weight loss.  This also means that you must be aware of portion sizes of these foods.  If a recipe serves two and has a syn value of 3 per person, you must split it equally between two portions, or else the syn value isn’t accurate. I usually use a ladle to do this, and if I’m making a meal for 3 that serves 4, I will just use a tupperware container for the fourth portion.  The colours will also help you fill out your food diary!

Don’t worry about remembering all the colour codes, you’ll find the information in the side bar to the right on any Slimming World friendly recipe.

Not all recipes on this blog will be suitable for SW, as we all like a treat every now and then.  But don’t worry, these will be clearly marked!

One last thing to note: Don’t ever be afraid to adjust or experiment.  Don’t like mushrooms? Use something else. Want more chicken? Go for it. Want to add some worcestershire sauce? Do it, you rebel. Okay, it won’t always work, but it might be a culinary masterpiece. experimentation is how we learn!

Now, go enjoy some delicious food, and don’t forget to tell me how it goes and what you do differently!

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