Suda Thai Cuisine, Carleton Review

Suda Thai Cuisine, 5 Castle Gardens Crescent, Carleton, Poulton Le Fylde, FY6 7NJ. Tel: 01253 894274 / 01253 894275


Two weeks ago, a very good friend of ours demanding that Myke and I go on a date and that he would look after Beans.  Our last proper date was over a year ago when we went to Jade Spa and Infamous Diner so we were very grateful for the non-parent time.  Because of Myke’s ongoing health problems, we are having to be very careful with what we do and eat.  We decided on Thai food, and while we didn’t want to drive too far for Myke, we were happy to look at our surrounding towns.   In order to research our options, we took to TripAdvisor for suggestions and finally decided upon Suda Thai, which is around 30 minutes drive from us in Preston.

One thing we hadn’t taken into consideration, however, was that it was rush-hour traffic and the main route into Poulton-Le-Fylde is also the main route into Fleetwood and Cleveleys. Since we were aiming to arrive in time for the early bird menu which runs from 5.30-7.00, we ended up sitting in traffic for 50 minutes, just at one junction.  It wasn’t a problem for us, but it should be taken into consideration if you are hoping to visit.

The front of the restaurant, brightly lit on a cold and rainy night.

The biggest problem we faced for the entire evening was finding somewhere to park.  I believe there is somewhere official to park, but not knowing the area, we found a nice quiet side street where we wouldn’t inconvenience anybody just a couple of minutes walk away.

A photo showing the restaurant from the viewpoint of the window. The photo shows a few rows of tables and lovely Thai decor.

When we arrived we were the first people of the night.  After we had a chuckle about braving the weather, we were offered to sit wherever we wanted, so we opted to sit by the window.  The restaurant itself is cosy but certainly not cramped.  I would definitely recommend booking at busy times though, as it’s clear to see how popular this restaurant is.  From the moment we arrived the service was nothing short of amazing. Nothing was too much trouble, and they were very quick to come check that everything was ok with our food and whether or not we needed more drinks.

We opted actually to ignore the early bird menu, as everything sounded so delicious we decided to have a sharing platter as a starter.  The sharing platter consisted of “Chicken satay, Salt & chilli ribs, Fried chicken wings, Pork toast & Spring rolls”.

Photo shows a sharing platter of food consisting of Chicken satay, Salt & chilli ribs, Fried chicken wings, Pork toast & Spring rolls.

The chicken satays were actually chicken kebabs with a satay dipping sauce, which suited us much better as we both love satay sauce.  The salt and chilli ribs were delicious, however, the chilli was far too hot for my tastes. Luckily, the heat was all in the noodles that lay on top so this was easy to avoid.  Everything else was equally as nice tasting and upon our return to Suda Thai, I won’t hesitate to order this again.  Priced at just £12.50, I thought this was a perfect amount of food.

Photo of the table at the restaurant, with salt and chilli chicken with egg fried rice, and Thai green curry with boiled rice.

For our main courses, I got the salt and chilli chicken with egg fried rice, and Myke opted for the green curry with steamed rice.  Again, these were not terribly priced.  My chicken cost £7.90 + £2.50 for the rice, and Mykes cost £8.90 + £2.30 for the rice.  As you can see from our photo, the portion sizes were generous and we both thoroughly enjoyed our meals so we feel this was reasonable.  Its worth repeating my previous warning though that the chilli used in the salt and chilli chicken is very, very hot.  On return visits, I think I will request a slightly milder version!

Drinks were very reasonably priced.  A diet coke was only £1.50 and a J20 was only £1.90.  Given the restaurant setting and the captive audience, we thought this was brilliantly priced.  Our bill, in the end, came to £40.90 which we felt was well worth the cost for the evening we had.

My only criticism of Suda Thai Cuisine itself is the website is not updated thoroughly enough.  The menu is out of date with the prices – the sharing platter is priced at £8.95 on the website but in fact cost £12.50 in situ.  Also, on their special offers page, you can download a voucher for £5.00 off your meal, but this expired a few months ago.  Whilst I did not ask if they would still honour it, I do feel this slightly lets it down.  If the website maintenance is their only flaw, then you know you’re onto a winner.

Photo shows a wall of Thai food products, available for sale at the restaurant.

It’s worth mentioning that Suda Thai also offer take-out, and have a little shop area as you enter the restaurant.  You can also book onto cooking classes, priced around £50 each which teaches you to make three dishes.  I will definitely be adding these to my Christmas List, particularly as I am favouring experiences over possessions.  The opportunity to learn to cook some of these meals at home would be unmissable in my opinion.

In summary, we thoroughly enjoyed Suda Thai and wholehearted recommend it to anyone lucky enough to be in the area.

Photo shows our recipe from the restaurant. The receipt totals £40.90.



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